Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Change is the Spice of Life...

...and we are experiencing one of those changes in our life.

We sold our home two years ago and have been leasing a home since. We decided this year that as property here in California is still dropping in price we were going to make the best of it and purchase a large RV to live in for the next year instead of making someone else's house payment.

WOW!!... That's a Change...

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It is still amazing to me how God blesses and leads when you least expect Him to. When we began looking for a trailer there were so many to choose from. But we knew there would be some things we needed to make it livable for the next year. We wanted something roomy with lots of natural light. We found exactly what we were looking for in a local ad but before making that choice we had previously made another. We had already purchased one verbally the night before but both of us were uncomfortable with choice we had made. Michelle told me she had tossed and turned all night and I had the same feeling of uncomfortable that the decision we made wasn't right for us either. It was really God directing us because the very next day I looked at an ad and felt we owed it to ourselves to go look.
The trailer was above our price (at the time) and I can't tell you why but just by looking at the ad the next day I felt this is the trailer we needed. You know God was right (as usual). We found exactly what we needed and the wonderful people came down on the price to where we wanted to be and both of us slept very well that night assured we had made the right choice.

Change isn't easy at times and can come unexpected or can be planned but either way it comes it is something we all have to deal with in LIFE. It just seems to spice (if you will) life up and implants things in our memory that can't be taken away. I am not saying all change is good but when it comes it forces us to adjust to it and deal with it and sometimes thats not so bad depending on what we make of it.

Most people don't like change because it breaks up their normal routine and interupts their life. But if they could learn to appreciate LIFE, Change can be accepted and embraced and you will grow from your experiences more so than what has been status quo.

LIFE is an great Adventure with every joy or pain. But it will be what you make of it. Your future will depend on how you handle the changes that come. Sometimes its not easy but learn from it, accept it and you will grow from it.

Until then...
More Adventure to come..


Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome to a Mind full of Life...


With all its facets, faces and facts is truly an amazing process. Happiness, sadness, wealth, poverty, favor, hardness, brevity, fears, triumphs, faith, longevity, and whatever other words to describe what life is will all come down to one. YOU....

Life is a universal word to describe billions and yet is singular in that each one living is a Life.

Life is a period of time and yet timeless in application.

Life is something that was created and is born.

Life is deep and meaningful because each Life is important and neccessary.

What does Life mean to you?

To some life is just a mere existence on the table of Space and Time. To some it is nothing more than a nuisance of necessary evil. To some Life is worshipped and celebrated. To some it is a stepping stone. To Some it is a Gift. To some it is a Calling. To some it has depth and meaning.
But in all it will come down to these four questions:

What does Life mean to You?
How do you live it?

Do you Live it for yourself or others?
Is it fulfilling and meaningful?

A place of purpose is important for those that are alive for without purpose we are just existing and lost.

I want YOU to KNOW today, this minute, this second YOU are IMPORTANT, YOU are being Thought about, YOU have MEANING, and YOU CAN FIND YOUR PURPOSE...

Thanks for Reading...
more to come...