Friday, August 31, 2007

The Breeze tells all...

I stood at the ocean’s side below the Golden Gate Bridge recently and felt the wind blowing against me as it came in from the sea. It was a chilled wind that brought coolness with it and was somewhat forceful as it rolled over the tops of the waves for miles and miles of ocean just to find me standing there on its bank, waiting to feel it. We had come to visit that morning from the hot valley where we live, driving over the hills that separate us from the Bay area just to be cooled by the breeze that blows in from the sea.

I am reminded today as I think about that cool breeze, of the words of Jesus as He told a man the wind blows where it wants and you can hear the sounds of it but can't tell where it comes from.

The winds that blow can announce many things into our lives. The same breeze that picks up in wind speed can announce to us a great storm is coming and we both heed the warnings and prepare or we are caught unaware and we suffer thru it. And then the breeze is also what moves the storm out of our life by either pushing it past us or causing it to dissipate. Many, like I at the Oceans edge, will bless the wind or curse it but of a truth the wind does not stop blowing.

This earth needs the wind. Whether its a calm peaceful wind or a giant fearsome storm to spread across the plains and mountains bringing life to its dry and thirsty places just as we Christians also need the "Wind of Spirit of God" to blow across our souls bringing changes to our lives in faith and hope that the storms of life that come our way would soon also blow away from us. .

I want you to be encouraged today for those of you who are experiencing a storm right now in your life... You, who are going thru the trial of the storm with all its atmospheric pressures and the darkness of clouds surrounding you, the lightening with thunder that seems to be frightening and wanting to overcome you. I want you to know the wind will soon blow again and the storm you are in this moment will pass and you will be at peace once again. Just hold on and Trust God by letting the “Wind of His Spirit” blow again in your life, and the sun that was blotted out by the dark clouds will shine again and the cool, calm and peaceful “Wind of the Spirit” that your soul needs will speak peace and encouragement into your life again.

Be encouraged this day... For we know the Master of the wind...


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Relative Truth....A Truer Truth.....and Me....

My mind has been thinking about relative truth lately. There are relative or related truths in life. If you walk into a room with no windows and no lights on and you shut the door behind it will be dark. The circumstances of the room set the condition of the truth. Sometimes the circumstances in life also set conditions for us to recognize truth.

If you feel like you have lost your way and feel like there is hope for you to succeed there is a related truth to these feelings. Something has happened in your life to bring you to this period of time right now as you read these words. Someone once penned in a play, "Truth? What is Truth?" and though to us truth is only as elusive as to what we will accept, the Truth is not hidden, buried or lost, it is staring us in the face. It is related or relative to us because it is our life.

If a person does not know God in a relative (related) sense then there is no fulfillment in their life. We have read the headlines of people who life in the beginning seemed to smile on with favor and yet the reality of truth still is evident by the headlines we read. The words of a relative truth to us are cesspool words: divorce,abuse,estrangment,suicide,unfaithful,addic tion,hate,anger, are all ugly words in use but words that are relative to the pain that at times is our life. These are words are truth but there are true truths that were written for our encouragement coming from ancient texts that were written so that we might have life more abundantly. That there were truer truths to be recognized above the pain and sorrows we may have. That of a truth there is fulfillment to be found and sorrow can be replaced if we would just recognize the Truest of Truths.

Circumstances can be changed if the conditions are met. The Dark room we walked into can be lit if we add a lamp: if we carried a Flashlight or a candle to light breaking the dark truth of the room. Just like life if the conditions are met the circumstances can be changed if we accept the truth from the Creator of Truth: God.

He is the "Truer Truth" and the one who can change our circumstances if we will meet his conditions. He accepts us as we are with one condition: that we follow Him. We must allow Him to come into our life to change the condition of our life. By meeting his conditions he is able to change what is just relative truth to us to something more deep and powerful in us.

A "Truer Truth" in every sense of the word becomes true to us when He works in us.

and other truths in life will come and go but His Truth will be what keeps us...

Be Encouraged...


Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Monday...The Composer, the Orchestra and the Blues...

Great music does not begin with the orchestra, the conductor or the player of the instrument. It begins in the mind of the composer. The creator of the music hears what he wants then he begins to write the music that flows from his mind. The highs, the lows, the loudness and the quiet are put on paper that is graphed and the notes that are written is an art form flowing across the lines like a fast moving river filled with slow turns, rapids and quiet waters. The composer at times is unappreciated because the Conductor and the Orchestra with all the talent, ability and performance brings the music to life. And we are moved by what we hear as our emotions are attacked and attracted. We cry, clap and applaud as we respond to what we feel thru the music because it fits together. Often times the composer slips something in unexpected and the orchestra follows because that's the way it's written. And the music dips and dives on an eventful journey, pulling us into to the mind of the composer and we realize our lives are reflected by what we hear and feel by what the composer has written.

Life doesn’t' just happen when your following God, sometimes that’s the way it's written. We don't understand at times what our Great Composer has written for us and there are times when it's a mystery but we play the notes because it’s the way the music is written. The Composer knows what he wants to happen and makes it happen when we follow Him. He writes, so that many times others may see and know what they see and hear is not of fate or happenstance but written from the view and the mind of the Divine Creator with the music fitting together as the rhythm that is our life plays out.

The music will lead us as we travel along many times not knowing the next note or the next page but rest assured, it will be just what we need. And we follow having complete faith in the Composer. He writes beautifully at times and mysteriously as well but when the final note is done and the last of the instruments wind down, the pieces will come together and the work that is our life becomes a masterpiece all because we choose to follow the Great Composer.

The Composer writes, the music fits and we follow…

And the blues???
Well there ain't nothin' wrong with the blues... Just keep playing and don't stop....

Be Encouraged...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Friday...

Here are some pics to Share from a few of our Adventures...

Be Encouraged..


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comtemplating Simple Blessings in Secret Coded Messages....

Sometimes Blessings come in Secret Coded Messages from God.

Matthew (our 10 yr Old) signed up for Band this year at school and needed a Snare drum. Michelle and I had discussed our youngest noise-maker’s predicament. How could he carry his Backpack and now full size snare drum together being a smaller guy? Now Matthew is a "Giant" in heart but small in body but he is growing daily.

I found a Snare drum for sale on craigslist. It was a Pearl Piccolo Snare with stand and a quiet pad (Hallelujah!!) and I was able to purchase it quite reasonably, a blessing in itself. We didn't tell Matthew we had bought it and he was quite surprised when I set it up and he got to play on it. THANK GOD for the quiet pad :)

As we were eating Dinner I looked over at the little piccolo snare set up on its stand and felt the gentle voice of God speak to me. He told me that he even cared about the "small" things in our life and I felt a stirring in my heart. I realized the snare we had bought being a "piccolo" was smaller and much lighter than a regular snare drum. It was something Matthew could carry and be more comfortable doing so. Wow!! God cared so much for us he even directs small blessings our way. He seems to build our faith many times blessing by blessing.

There are so many ways to look for God working on our behalf that sometimes we miss thanking Him for the smallest of blessings. Sometimes it’s the little things that somehow show up or work out, all because we serve a great big God. Sure, there are great blessings that sometimes take our breath away and we stand awestruck at the handiwork of God and then there are smaller blessings that we may overlook many times.

Sometimes the Blessing comes in the form of kind or direct word from a friend or associate. Sometimes the Blessing comes from our family, our Parents or our kids. Sometimes Blessings come in ways that are above our comprehension and we don't understand them, but they are there. Many times a Blessing come disguised as a trial or trouble and we don't see the how or the why, but when we come out of the trial or the storm we can realize that the situation was actually a blessing from the Lord.

Blessings from God can come in many sizes or shapes. Just recognizing them can be all it takes for us to know that God is watching over us and is working in our lives.

I spoke with a Friend yesterday who had a precious person in her life who was dying. She had received the call and was told by her friend that she had been diagnosed with stage four cancer. With nobody to turn to and being separated by hundreds of miles, this woman, in the last stages of her life, reached out to a friend who in the past had been a great blessing to her and would be a great blessing now just by hearing her voice bringing comfort to her soul.

I don't understand at times why we go thru the things in life we do, but I do know that many times I have come out of a storm only to realize that God had brought a great blessing to my life by allowing me to go through it. And when I do come to the final stage of my life, I want to recognize not only the greatest blessings God has bestowed on me but the small ones to.

And before I put my ear-muffs on, every time I hear the little pat-a-tat on that snare drum I will thank God for blessing me just one more time.

Be Encouraged....


Monday, August 20, 2007

An Identity Crisis...Finding "Me" in the Middle of Thousands..

Have you ever really felt like you didn't know "who" you were and asked yourself this question;
"Who am I"?

This weekend it was my recurring thought as I sat in the mall watching hundreds go by. The Mall is a good place to relax and just watch people if you like to do that. All shapes, sizes and styles can all be seen at the mall. As I watched people go by it was somewhat interesting to watch their interaction with each other or others. I watched the young people try to fit in with one another by dress. I watched as women walked by trying to keep their own taste and style young. I watched as men walked by, some oblivious to style or taste. It is interesting to note that "birds of a feather still flock together" when it comes to style of dress. The younger girls seemingly mirrored one another as did the young men. The congregated youth to the Mothers with infants, the styles of dress as different as they were the same seem to bond like an adhesive and yet some, if not most seemed extremely uncomfortable with their choices.

Relevance is an important word in humanities' struggle to belong. Fitting in or being a part or playing a part seems to be something that people do to be relevant. They want to feel good about themselves and want others to accept them and feel good about them too. Many times it seems they will sacrifice much just fit in or be accepted. The advertisements of billboards and magazines all seem to scream from the front cover to the ads in the pages that relevance is no longer individualistic struggle but it is a sacrificial one. Do what it takes to be accepted and as one add put it; "Thirst is everything, Obey Your Thirst" and some do so by giving in to the addictiveness of style. Grunge, Success, Rockers, Emo's, Skaters, Bratz, Lerners, Business, Beach, and Seductive all seem to describe what people (whether young or older) will do to fit in concerning style and relevance and yet individualism is celebrated? hmmmm....

The facts are people will always do what it takes to fit in somewhere. People have been created with a need to be accepted and want attention. Some go to extremes and we hear about them in the news or on shows and sooner rather than later life catches up and tragedy ensues.

We are created in the image of God.

This need for attention wasn't just something that happened. In the Garden of Eden where man was created the Bible says that God would come down in the cool of the Day and communicate with His creation; Man. It was King David in the Old Testament who penned "We are fearfully and Wonderfully Made. God created man to communicate His will and His ways and to show love and to be loved. The day you "Find Yourself" will be when you realize that what others think about you doesn't matter but what God thinks of you does. Try to realize today that in whatever situation your in, no matter what troubles you are having, present or past, or how you really feel about yourself recognize that there is One greater who placed the Sun, Moon and the stars in just the right places to accommodate you. He cares deeply for you and wants you to know that in the midst of thousands who may not know Him or Who He is that YOU are truly a special person to Him because He created you.

For example I may not be able to distinguish you from a crowd because you may look like everybody else but there is something that does. Your fingerprint is different from every person around you and it establishes an identity but just establishing who you are won't tell me how you feel or what you may be needing. But regardless of how I could be able to tell you a part from others God looks at your heart and the condition of your mind and He knows you from the inside out and knows exactly what you need while I don't.

I found myself in the middle of thousands at the Mall talking to God and thanking him that true individualism and self worth comes from above. It’s not directed by style or the taste of others and it's not mandated by fashion from someone who doesn’t know me or care for me but self worth and esteem is free just by asking and communicating with God and finding out "who" or "Whose" I really am.

Find some time today to be an true Individual to talk with God and be Encouraged!


Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Friday... News... Trailer Fun... and Toes...

Well....We have been in our Trailer Now for almost 3 Weeks... and we Love IT!!

We were sitting outside last night looking at the stars and my beautiful Bride (of 16 years today) looked at me and said.."This is Awesome and soooooo relaxing"....

In the Past three weeks we have learned much about the Trailer... Plumbing... Water... Internet... and so much more...

I will have to post some more pics... but my LapTop is in the Shop getting fixed... and I can't get the DeskTop to log on.... (working on it)...

It is sad to see the Property Situation around us and realize that so many are in trouble concerning interest rates and House payments.... The thoughts made us appreciate last night how fortunate and blessed we were...

We were sooooo relaxed I was rubbing my wife's feet as she sat across from me and I realized without thinking about it...I was rubbing her feet!!! A no-no in the past 16 years as she couldn't stand to have her feet rubbed without extreme discomfort and squirming... I asked her, "HOW could this be happening?" She simply smiled and said..."She was relaxed".... Oh what a feeling...

It made me realize that God at times brings you to places of rest... and relaxation...

Have a Great Friday and Be Encouraged...
If your not at a place of rest.... God will bring you to one Soon!!


Btw... our first Wednesday Night Life Group Meeting in the New Building will be the last week of the month... We are looking forward to it...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Mind is too Beautiful to Waste...

There is much to be said of positive thinking. Tony Robbins, Dr. Phil and Oprah Winfrey are folks who like to find positives out of negatives. They find people who have been thru battles and have overcome them to others who are going thru things currently. A recent book promoted on Oprah is called "The Secret” I haven’t read it but have discussed it with some folks who have whom I work with. According to my discussions with them it seems to mirror a book written years ago by Norman Vincent Peale called "The Power of Positive Thinking". The two books while good for thinking and feeling positive seem arrive at their zenith from a completely humanistic view of the world and much less from a Biblical view and I will explain the difference.


In my life I have found that positive thinking works,
When I exercise my Faith in God by Praying

When I go before the Throne of the Creator and pray in Faith believing that God can do anything it seems to fortify my thought process knowing that God has heard my prayers. I can get up from prayer and no matter what I encounter during the day or life there is a structure of Faith that supports me. There is a scripture that says, "I Can DO ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me". Another scripture says that when I pray I must believe that God exists and he will reward me when I seek him diligently. When I go to God in prayer it should be with a positive attitude or expectant attitude because I want God to know, I believe in Him. I often find that when I pray believing and walk in Faith, there is a spring in my step and a confidence in my soul that God will and can take care of me no matter what will come against me.

No building can be built from the outside in. There must be a network of beams welded and bonded together built on the inside that supports what is seen on the outside. The network of inner strength is tested and tried when the outside is applied and if it’s built correctly and designed correctly, the building will be stand and be completed.

That building is like our lives. We are designed by our Creator to have an inner support structure within us that will be our strength and help us to stand. Faith is the Support Structure within us. It is the beams bonded together that build our lives and help us to stand when the winds and storms come and nothing can destroy us.

Praying Positive will produce Positive Thinking in You.


What is missing in the Humanistic View of Positive Thinking?

A Support Structure of a basic necessity that all men and women were created with. From the Humanistic View there is nothing to fall back on or find strength in when positive thinking doesn't bring you thru your problems. There is nothing to hope for when all is gone or the walls have tumbled down. Even if you are rich and wealthy beyond your wildest expectations there is still a missing link in your life. You won't find happiness or achieve satisfaction and there is no inner support that will bring you fulfillment when all you have is positive thinking. Why, because Positive Thinking alone can't save you or bring you fulfillment. As humans we can only go as far as our minds will let us and once we've arrived unless we have Faith in God there we will find no satisfaction for the soul.
We can only look at those who have crowded the headlines of late and have seen the sadness of their lives to understand that money and power can't buy happiness or fulfillment. There must be something beyond those things that can provide fulfillment in your life because those that have reached those goals certainly seem unhappy. Hmmmm??.... You say.....

Need a Support Structure? Pray you’re Faith in God

Pray Positive believing that God will bring you through. Pray Positive Believing that in the Midst of your Trial, God will be that Structure you can rely on and rest upon. Pray Positive believing that in the Middle of your storm there will be a Peace that your soul will possess that Passes All understanding and the wisdom of men will never equal the wisdom of God's Word and the Faith by which we stand. Praying Positive that thru health, family and finance that God will be there when all else fails. A noted Author Joy Haney had a radio program called “Diamonds for Dusty Roads” that simply began with “Faith Looks Up, Worry looks around and Doubt looks down”. That Faith that was delivered to the Saints in God’s Word is now delivered to us to deliver us and bring us thru.

Humanism will NEVER Trump Faith

We were created by God and for God and He is the satisfaction that will fulfill our lives. People will let you down but God will never let you down. He may not deliver your from the trial but He will carry you thru it. There have been times in my life where my Faith in God was all I had left (I had it all wrong). I should have realized my Faith in God is what I had MOST. I had tried to carry everything, every weight and every trial but I realized that many times even though I believed I was praying negatively. I was praying for Deliverance and not praying for Victory, I was praying a "Why God" Prayer and not praying an” I Believe God Can" prayer. I was praying an "acceptance of problem prayer" and not praying an "Overcoming Prayer"... the Bible says we have not at times because we ask amiss. Maybe a part of the problem is our perception of our situation and WHO God is and WHO we are in HIM. We are over-comers In Him and Victorious.

The Real Power Behind Positive Thinking in my Life Is Positive Praying!!

It will be the attitude of my Day. It will be the Strength in my Soul. It will carry me thru my storms, and it will carry you to. Find somewhere to pray today and Let God know you believe in Him…

Be Encouraged...


Monday, August 13, 2007

Broken Flowers, Monday Mornings, Bright Beginnings..

We had a wonderful time in the Mountains this weekend and were blessed to fellowship with Central Valley Christian Center with Pastor Keith McCann. It was a time of Fellowship, Games, Fishing and BBQ.

I spoke Sunday Morning on The Curse and Blessing of a Kiss. After the Service a Visiting camper came to us and asked for prayer for her daughter. The story broke my heart hearing about a beautiful flower who was broken very young and her heart was hardened against God. This precious mother's tears touched my heart and we prayed for her broken flower to be healed and restored as she wept.

My heart is pricked somewhat today as I write as I think of how many broken flowers there are. We see and read in the press daily of beautiful young flowers that have somehow lost their way. Young men and women who have been hurt by life, seemingly planted and stable only to be pulled up by their roots by things that destroy flowers and eventually kill them.

Last night my wife had to let go of some plants & flowers she had grown for a number of years. There was no room in our new living space for them and we had no one to give them to so we had to dispose of them. It was a chore that made Michelle a little sad. She had spent so much time and care in growing them only to see them hurt and dying. We were going about emptying the pots and our youngest son reached out a plucked a leaf stating that he would grow a new plant out of the old. He got a small cup of water and placed the plant in it stating that it would soon grow again. He had hope for the small leaf he was placing in the water and we put the cup in the trailer.

It seems that life is like those plants at times. We do what we can, but circumstances of life change and the plants suffer. But if we can somehow remember the faith of a child and how simple it is to pluck a leaf from the dying flower and place it in some water and hope that it will grow again someday, it is enough for us as adults to understand that as long as we have hope and faith in God there is a glimmer of light that the flower we thought was dead will soon rise again and be as beautiful as it once was.

God is in the restoration business and He is restoring broken flowers daily. I admonished the Mother to be positive and never give up hope that someday her beautiful flower would once again raise her head to the Son and receive the Life and Love she desperately needed.

Maybe today you are suffering and feel as if you’re broken. Please know that above all that may have happened to you there is a Loving Gardener who is tenderly planting and re-planting his beautiful creations every day and if you'll let him, He will restore your broken flower today and Give you a NEW BRIGHT BEGINNING with the Son Shining down on you once again.

Be Encouraged,

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Friday.. and Have a Great Weekend..

We are off to the Mountains this weekend for a Church Retreat!!

I have been asked to speak this Weekend at a church Retreat up in the Hills of California..

I will post some Pics from the Trip...

Until then Remember God answers Prayer...

Stay Encouraged...


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Here are some New Pictures from our New Residence...

Here is a picture from our New Home..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It is a beginning of a Great Adventure for us.

And I can't begin to tell you How God has worked some great miracles for us but I will share them soon. For now we are watching the sun set at night and the stars shine bright. The boys have started school and Michelle & I are busy at work.

Truthfully, God's Timing is perfect while His ways are sometimes clouded. The "Stuff" we go thru to get where God wants us to be is at best described as confusing at times. Things like unscheduled detours, unexpected road blocks, finding the bridges are out after you've went thru the warning signals but in all of these circumstances, regardless of the situations that arise WE must TRUST that God will bring us to the place where he wants us to be. When we reach that Pivotal Point (why Pivot? because we can look back and see where He brought us from) in Life there will be much rejoicing.

HIS WAYS are NOT Our ways for sure. If they were, we would choose the well lighted paths and the easiest routes of getting there (I know I would!!!). But would we be what He wanted us when we get there. I think NOT. We go thru this “Stuff” for a purpose. God is molding us and shaping us according to His purpose and plan for our lives. Is it hard at times? Yes. Is it unbearable at times? Sure. Does it seem impossible? You Bet!! But Be Encouraged thru this process of change and decision God is working on your behalf even if you can't see it now...

And the “Stuff” will soon be over but not forgotten and God’s Work of getting you to where He wanted you to be will be complete and you can finish the Work of God knowing that you are in His perfect Will, simply because you chose to follow Him.

This Life is without Doubt our Greatest Adventure!!

Be Encouraged…


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How Important are Sunsets in Your Life?

Last night after coming home from work and doing some things around the trailer I realized that life can slow down a bit, even here in California.

The sun was setting a landscape of color against the backdrop of a mountain near us and we watched as God's handiwork set the canvas for us to just ooh and awe over the beauty of his artistic majesty as the colors were splashed against the fading evening light. It made me think of how many sunsets I had probably missed of late because I was to busy to realize the importance of sunsets.

Have you ever got caught up doing so much that you miss the sunsets and the days begin to blur. I was talking with a person yesterday and their life was so jam packed with business that they didn't even know what day it was.

Spouse, Kids, Church, Work, Breakfasts, Lunches, Work, Dinners, Sports, Work, Grocery Store, Work, Lawn Care, Automotive care, if something doesn't go wrong just wait: It will...

There is so much “stuff” in our lives that our vision becomes clouded. Our future seems light years away and it’s dimmed by the dust of life so much so we can't see past our problems and they become a cycle of disappointment that rule our lives until we implode and wind up losing everything. All of this resulting from lost time and missing the sunsets in our lives.

There were two sisters, Martha and Mary, who had a very important person coming to dinner. The older sister, Martha, knew they would do well and worked hard to make sure their guest would be taken care of so he could be comfortable while in their home. Martha was a nervous wreck, because this person was extremely well known and there would be probably be other guests coming as well and she wanted everything to be perfect. She knew that if she didn’t work there would folks who would talk and say, “Don’t go to Martha’s house”. She probably worked her fingers to the bone and made sure all those around her were working too.

If you have guests coming over to your house you know what I mean. Every nook and cranny must be cleaned because you want your guests to be comfortable and know that your place is clean and well kept. So Martha worked very hard and made those around her work hard too. When the guest arrived Martha kept right on working. When the guest sat down and was served dinner Martha kept right on working. When the guest was talking during dinner Martha kept right on working. When the guest was served dessert and really begin to relax, Martha kept right on working. Then the guest probably stretched his legs and sat back in his chair satisfied ready to talk some more and yes, Martha kept right on working only this time she began to realize that she was doing everything and nobody was actually helping her. She was cooking, serving, cleaning and moving doing everything alone but where was her Sister?
She went to look for her younger sister and found her sitting with the guest while Martha had kept working. She began to get angry and upset. Here she was doing everything while her sister sat and relaxed with the guest. She begins to bristle and call her sister but her calls were ignored until finally she imploded with anger and lashed out at her guest. "I am doing everything and receiving nothing! Don’t' you even care that my sister is not helping me?"

Jesus looked at her and simply said with love, "Martha, dear Martha, you're fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it—it's the main course, and won't be taken from her"

I like to call this the Martha Principle. We work so much that we become overworked and we miss the "Main Courses" that would bring fulfillment our Lives. We get angry because those around us aren't as motivated as we are. We get upset that we are working so much. We don't get to enjoy the benefits like the others are and instead of leading and making decisions in our Life we begin allow our “work” to dictate and make those for us.

We get burned out because we never realized the sunset was so beautiful. We never made time to watch the colors of the sky as God paints the canvas to remind us that there are more "important things" in this life than our “work”. Our fulfillment becomes misplaced because we missed the real “Main Course” of what God wanted to give us and we are so busy working we ignore the Guest in our home.

I encourage you tonight take some time to watch the sun set and appreciate colors of the sky. Recognize tonight that God is important and time with him is well spent. Recognize tonight that your children are miniature sunsets in your life and spend some time with them before they go down for the evening. Recognize tonight that your spouse is a sunset in your life laying down together and communicating life with one another and get the rest your soul desires.

Remember the "Martha Principle" and realize that work will always be there but time well spent watching your sunsets will be remembered the rest of your life.

Be Encouraged...


Monday, August 6, 2007

Your Day or the Highway...

So Sorry for missing a day of posting.. We have finally made the move and transitioned into our new place... Michelle and I along with Austin are worn out and tired... *whew* but it's over and we're ready to take on this new adventure....

That said we are still somewhat in the moving phase as we had to lease storage besides the one we already had... Wow... Too Much Stuff!!!!

We are really looking forward to this New Day in our lives....

Sometimes You have Realize that everyday can be a New Day! A brand NEW BEGINNING for you and way to CHANGE THE DIRECTION you've been going or CHANGE THE ATTITUDE you've had...

Many Look for New Days but some never seem to find them...

I CHALLENGE You Today... Look at this Day as a NEW BEGINNING for you... As a Turning Point for your Life

Some may say... That sounds a little to "Cliché"...

And it may, but Cliché in some cases can be reality; The Sun does rise every Day and Truth is not subjective or perceived it is concrete in its qualities and how we face it will determine how
We will deal with LIFE daily...

I want to realize that THIS IS THE DAY the LORD HATH MADE... and I WILL REJOICE and BE GLAD in it... and face the Sunshine and KNOW that I can believe in Him...
You Can Realize It Too!!

Be Encouraged!!!


Friday, August 3, 2007

Making Time to Dance...

What is about Dance that makes us do the crazy things we do?

They were bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to the Isrealite Camp and King David took off his vestsment and begin to dance before the Ark because of the great Joy he felt at bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to God's People.

Dance... Find some time today to shake yourself!!!!

Get out of your normal routine... Tap Your Toes...Shake it up!!

Dance a little.... Life is hard sometimes but there are just times we have to forget about it
and Dance....

Some Bee-bop..Some Robot... Some do the Charleston...Some do the Boogaloo...

But while your dancing think on the Blessings of God and make Him the reason for your Dance!!

Have fun!!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Breaking into the Bank of Faith...

Why do we equate faith with money?

I am not speaking about the realm of wealth just way we view faith. When we have money in the Bank we feel secure and satisfied. We know that if an emergency arises we can just use the funds we have stored up in the Bank to pay for what is needed and the emergency becomes a non-event and we sleep and rest peacefully. But what happens when the funds are to low to cover the emergency? What happens when the emergency completely drains our funds? What happens to us when funds run out and the bill is due and we don't have enough in the bank to cover the amount? We go into panic mode and we cry, scream and shout in anger because our life and our securitys rest on the Bank. Some become so desperate they know there is a safe in the Bank with money in it. In desperation they decided to break into the Bank thinking that if they can just get into the safe and take the money their needs would be met and life would return back to normal and security and peace would come to them again. We know that it doesn't work that way.

This is why we view Faith like money in the Bank.

It seems at times we think the more faith we have, the more secure we'll become and if we can just deposit faith in the Bank of Faith now and again we can relax and rest peacefully and there maybe some truth to this thinking. But when the emergency or trial or test comes and we become panicked. The Doctor says it's cancer, the spouse tells the partner I'm leaving you, the Pink slip on your desk announces your dismissal, so many things can happen that shake us to our core and it seems that after awhile we use up our faith that we had stored and we get so discouraged we feel our Faith account is empty and there is no faith left for us to withdraw. We become desperate so we turn from faith to doubt and that really breaks our spirits and we become lost and we beat ourselves up because of our lack of faith that somehow we didn't have enough. All because we view faith like we view money and once the money is gone it's over, likewise, then once our storehouse of faith is gone it's over and the battle for us is lost. We give up believing that our spirit is bankrupt. Then the guilt sets in and our faults and our past becomes a display case before us that we view daily and instead of growing in Faith we give up.

Do we misunderstanding Faith sometimes?

In the book of Luke Jesus said to his disciples, "Hard trials and temptations are bound to come, but too bad for whoever brings them on! Better to wear a millstone necklace and take a swim in the deep blue sea than give even one of these dear little ones a hard time! "Be alert. If you see your friend going wrong, correct him. If he responds, forgive him. Even if it's personal against you and repeated seven times through the day, and seven times he says, 'I'm sorry, I won't do it again,' forgive him." The apostles came up and said to the Master, "Give us more faith."

They were thinking that when these hard trials and temptations come they would want to have enough Faith in the Bank to take them on and if they didn't have enough they would probably succumb and fail..

But the Master said, "You don't need more faith. There is no 'more' or 'less' in faith. If you have a bare kernel of faith, say the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this sycamore tree, 'Go jump in the lake,' and it would do it.

Faith is not measured by how much or little you have it is measured by how you will trust God to believe during these times of trials and troubles. It will be there when you reach out to pray for someone who has a need. It will be there when you believe God for healing either for yourself or others. There is no Bank of Faith to break into because the amount of Faith you have will be dependant on you because God has given a measure of Faith to every man. It's up to us as to how we will use it.

Money and Faith are not equals because you don't have to have a great amount of Faith for God to move on your behalf. God will honor a mustard seed faith. There is no measurement in Faith just that you will put your trust in God. A little Faith in God can go a long ways in Life and what we go thru. Faith in God can bring healing to yourself and others if you will just use what He has given you. Stop beating yourself up and Trust Him today and He will make a way for you.



Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Is There a Light at the end of My Tunnel Because I sure can't See It...

Have you ever asked yourself that question and said those very words?

Sometimes it seems that we can't see the light for the darkness in the tunnels we have to go thru at times in Life. While we are focused on making it thru we just don't know what's waiting for us when we come out. Some give up and just live in the darkness always wondering what could have been or would have been if they hadn't given up while others work, shove, push and pull themselves thru hoping that they soon will see the light.

The reality is there are so many twists and turns in the tunnel of Life that the light is often not there when the next bend comes. Some say, "Why even try?" and give up. They sentence themselves to a continual process of darkness and discouragement. Many times they never realize there is a light that would guide them thru their darkest of hours within their reach and that Light is the Bible, God's Word.

David wrote in Psalms that God's Word was like a lamp to light his way helping him navigate the darkness he was walking thru. So many times we forget there is a Light to help us and the Light is generally closer than we think. Many times its sitting on our fireplace mantle or in the drawer of our nightstand or in a bookshelf in the living room shuffled among our self help books. We will wring our hands and worry about losing sight of the light until it becomes so dim because the unknown twists and turns of Life have blocked it out.

Don't worry your not alone. We all go thru tunnels in Life but coming out them is the Best part because you realize that with God's help and His Word He was able to keep you and guide you thru those dark paths by lighting your way and keeping you safe.

Hey... Be Encouraged!!

Take some time today to read God's Word, the Bible... It is the perfect flashlight that never needs batteries or a lightbulb and It will never Let You Down!!

Just a thought..