Thursday, April 9, 2009

Circumstances...Everybody has them....

The Circumstance is a condition or a fact. It is one event determining another. How many times do you use the word circumstance? The facts or circumstances surrounding the situation led to the final conclusion. Something happened that could have been avoided had the circumstances been different. So many times we use circumstance to provide a basis of conclusions for many things that happen to us but can we really change the outcome?

Circumstance and choice seem to be related to one another. Many times our choices define our circumstances which in turn direct the outcome of our situation. There are moments when we look backwards in time to realize that had our choice's been different the circumstances surrounding us would probably be to our benefit rather than to our demise. The Apostle Paul said "Oh wretched or miserable man that I am" after writing that there is at times a war within our mind and while we want to be free from it there is only one answer available that can deliver us from ourselves which is Jesus Christ.

The fulfillment of the circumstances surrounding the Life of Christ were well laid out before He came to this World and they received Him not. The choice to reject Him as their predecessors had done was to thrust themselves into a labyrinth of circumstances that cost a entire race of people millions while also bringing life to millions at the same time. The choices we make will always give birth circumstances that will only grow with time.

We may not be able to change the circumstance but we can make the right choice.

Take some time today to review some choice's you are making, count the cost and see if the sum is worth the circumstance.

Just a thought...

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