Friday, April 3, 2009

A Reason...

The life is empty of love and void of living. The eyes are empty spaces of documented failure and the brain is storing all of the files of the past. The pain is undeniable and the tears are always real. The footsteps are hollow echoes in the halls of shame and everywhere the eyes look there is the mirrored image of the same failures and defeats sickly smiling back.

The scars are massed on the heart and it is void of feeling because it can’t be touched. The soul is a dark chamber of secrets and the door is sealed shut with rusty nails beaten down by the hammer of life.

“Who has a reason to love the unloved anymore?” is the question I am faced with when I look into the face of the damned and here myself answer “I do”

My reason for loving is not an impure thought or motive but the desire to see the light glisten in the eye. The spring of the step that knows that the path of hope is well lit. The reason I can love is because despair did not win my soul with deceit or the bitter taste of life. It was the sweetness of Grace and Mercy that dried my tears and pealed the layers of scars off my heart until His Blood flowed into my life and filled me with a reason.

Just a thought...

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